I photograph the real, raw, tender and authentic moments that truly mean everything. The chapter you are in on your journey is right where you are meant to be, and it’s beautiful.

It’s time we document it.

so glad you are here!

I'm Elaina, photographer, mother and seeker of beautiful moments.

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In my house, there are always at least 10 projects in the making. Whether it be macrame, baking, building furniture and props, sewing, crocheting, arranging dried florals, or relentlessly re-doing my website... I am literally always busy. 

Being creative fuels my mind and my soul! 

creating things makes me oh-so-happy

If I don't get up at least an hour before my girls do, my day is total chaos. 

My ideal morning:
4:00am wake up, iced coffee that I prepared the night before, financial reconciliation (this keeps me on budget by keeping an extensive log of all of my finances utd), 10 minutes of journalling anything that's on my mind, check emails, and make a list of what needs to be done for the day.

I'm all about my morning routine

Taryn is my stage 5 clinger. A social butterfly but would prefer to be touching me at all times. She tells me daily how she wants to grow up right now so she can be an adult and a Mommy. She loves to talk more than anything in the world and will make herself be heard! 

Taryn has the biggest heart.. wants to be a cop, doctor, fire fighter and a mommy when she grows up so she can "help people" <3

Daughter #1

Carly is my unpredictable one. She is independent, stubborn and loves being a kid. She requests popcorn and fruit punch for breakfast every morning relentlessly and would like to survive off of that and bread with butter. 

She currently is obsessed with The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Chicken Little. 

Daughter #2

I stay at home full time with these girls.
Taryn is 5, Carly is 4, and will both be starting school in the Fall. Part of me absolutely cannot wait... the other part is already anticipating the discomfort of daily quietness. 

my life revolves around these girls






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"Our lives are a compilation of millions of moments- some we vividly remember, some we dread thinking about, some make us smile, laugh and cry. But it's the tiny beautiful and authentic milliseconds that we miss in the moment- but the camera catches, that has the ability to take us right back to that season in our journey. They are the details that bring everything together."

Elaina Noelani Photography

From the very first moment and every memory after

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