A photo session should be more than snapping a few perfectly posed images for your Christmas card! My goal for every session is to only capture your family as they are. No fake, perfectly curated "say cheese" moments- only real, authentic emotions, smiles, laughs, and hugs. 

The goal is to create a gallery of real frozen moments that you can look back on, will trigger a tear of joy and make you say "oh my gosh, I remember when she use to do that!", "look at how tiny he was!" and "I miss those days..."


Let's document this time in your family's life and preserve the details of your journey!
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Starting at $500


Capture the beauty and miracle of motherhood as you await the arrival of your newest addition. 
15 Artistically Retouched Digital Images



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I cherish those perfect in-between moments that are always missed in real life; I am an unposed and natural photographer that will always take full advantage of the light we are given. Sunflares and glowy light speak to me! 

My editing style is moody with deep black and shadows, bold color and special adjustments to enhance the present emotion.


This is simply a fallacy. 

We mothers tend to be ultra hard on ourselves when it comes to our appearance. The truth is, Mama's are gorgeous in all of our forms throughout our journey. I promise to use the angles that flatter your curves, help you select gorgeous clothing that will compliment your beauty and will hold your hand start to finish so you are completely comfortable and have a wonderful experience <3 

Kids will be kids and will always know when something is up.  When you're working with me though, sessions are always child led. Every emotion they are feeling is okay; stubborn, sad, shy, excited and energetic, tired, happy, loud.. its all just perfect. You have hired me to capture your family as they are in this chapter of their life!

I 100% guarantee I will get all the photos and you will receive a well rounded complete gallery. Smiles, laughs, cuddles, hugs, runs, spins, cries, scowls, and scruncy faced grins- all of it. 

There is only one thing you need to do: Let me handle it.
There isn't a single thing I want you to worry about during your session except arriving to our destination on time! Everything else, I got it. 

Our session together is going to be really relaxed, carefree and fun. I will direct your family as I need, we will chat like old friends and I will play games with your kids. There's going to be tons of baby snuggles and cuddles, butterfly kisses and tickles. This time is to be used for being in the moment with your family. I'll handle the rest!

Clothing for your session is important, but not the most important. 
I am always happy to help you style and select items for your session that will compliment your family, my photography and editing style. 
Most of my clients choose long flowy dresses and coordinating pieces with a boho/vintage look.